Here are some Blade items, available for sale or trade

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Movie Actor Item Price (US$) Large Pics/Link
Blade II Thomas Kretschmann Damaskinos outfit, used during the last scenes of the movie. Beautifully made overcoat with red lining and black fur detail. Black underskirt (not shown in the picture) also included as well as a COA. SOLD
Blade II Kris Kristofferson These latex trousers were worn by Whistler. Nicely featured in the tank scene. The vest was ultimately not used in the movie. With Newline Cinema COA 549.00
Blade II N/A Generic Reaper Mask made by Steve Johnson's XFX. This is a backup prop, that still has the
vaccuformed face underneath. However, it is removable and has the production tag. Fully painted and ready to apply to the actor's face. COA included
Blade II N/A Animatronic Reaper Test Pull made by Steve Johnson's XFX. Cast in blue silicone, this reaper mask has his mandibles fully opened. COA included 350.00
Blade II Wesley Snipes Fully finished resin casting of an original prop.The Truce Key was given to Blade by Nyssa as an invitation. 280.00
Blade II N/A Generic Reaper face appliance. Made of foamlatex by Steve Johnson's XFX. Prepainted, comes with a COA 150.00
Blade II N/A Vampire aluminum glyph. Originally I acquired two of these from Newline auction, so I will provide a copy of the COA which I like to keep with my remaining one. 150.00